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California's Premier Vermiculture Company

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Currently sold at:

Ag Natural

403 Idaho Maryland Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945


Karmen's Garden & Greenhouse

12817 Loma Rica Dr, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Grass Valley Hydrogarden

124 Clydesdale Ct suite A, Grass Valley, CA 95945

A to Z Supply

13396 Ridge Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Hills Flat Lumber Co.

308 Railroad Ave, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Hometown Hydroponics

800 S Auburn St, Grass Valley, CA 95945

Anything Green Hydroponics

17551 Penn Valley Dr, Penn Valley, CA 95946

Sweetland Garden Mercantile

29435 CA-49, North San Juan, CA 95960

A Bit About Us

Sierra VermiFarm was founded in Grass Valley, California by dedicated organic farmers. We create pure earthworm castings using African nightcrawlers. Great care is put into each step.   We raise our nightcrawlers in a controlled environment, saving water and resources. This process produces a consistently pure product. 

Why Earthworm Castings?

. Plants quickly and easily absorb all essential nutrients and trace elements. This is possible because the worm grinds and uniformly mixes the nutrients and trace elements in simple forms, so plants need only minimal effort to obtain them. In addition to the available nutrients earthworm castings also provide a perfect mix of nutrients that are not readily available, but present for long term nutritional needs. Earthworm castings also contain a high concentration of beneficial bacteria and microbes added to them by the earthworm in the digestive process.


Earthworm castings also improve soil structure. These miniature football shaped particles improve aeration of the soil as they don't pack together. This allows roots the ability to grow fast and fibrous which promotes rapid plant growth. It also allows for excellent drainage in soil so roots don't become waterlogged or develop root rot. While improving aeration earthworm castings also increases the soil's water retention capacity as they contain absorbent organic matter that holds only the necessary amounts of water needed by the roots, while their shape allows unnecessary water to easily drain. 


Enjoy the Bounty when you use Sierra VermiFarm's Pure Earthworm Castings!

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